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About Friends of the Brookfield Public Library

The Friends of the Brookfield Wi Public Library is a nonprofit organization that provides funding to support programs, services, equipment, and facilities beyond those provided by the library budget.
We believe that libraries are essential resources for communities and that they play a vital role in promoting literacy and lifelong learning.
Our mission is to support the Brookfield Public Library in its efforts to provide high-quality and innovative programs and services to the community.

Our Goals

Promote literacy and lifelong learning

Increase access to library resources for all community members

Support innovative programs and services at the Brookfield Public Library

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Folded Newspapers

Board of Directors
as of January 2024

Barb Stein, President

Elizabeth Schick, Vice-President

JoAnne Peterson, Treasurer, Publicity

Julie Krier, Membership

Jennifer Kress, Secretary

Patricia Basting, Member at Large

Book Sale Coordinator - Christine Birt

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